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TOKYO — The award-winning Wowow-TBS hard-boiled cop action series “Mozu,” now in its second season, is going to become a feature movie.

Series director Eiichiro Hasumi is to helm and show’s main cast reprise their TV roles. These include lead Hidetoshi Nishijima as a cop out to find thae mysterious bomber who killed his wife. Release is scheduled for 2015, with the distributor yet to be announced.
Based on a novel by Go Osaka, the series is a stand-out not only for its unusual co-production arrangement, with the TBS network broadcasting the first ten-episode season (April-June of this year) and the Wowow pay channel and TBS jointly airing the five-episode second season (June-November), but its full-throttle action scenes.

The Japanese TV industry has long shied away from such scenes, since getting permissions from the various bureaucracies and businesses has been next to impossible. But working with film commissions in the southern main island of Kyushu, the “Mozu” production team was able to stage the show’s signature explosions and car chases.
In addition to being a hit with viewers, “Mozu” has garnered Tokyo Drama Award and Galaxy Award industry prizes. 

TBS is repping the show internationally, and together with Wowow is also a production partner on the film.