‘Frozen’ Outlasts ‘Eternal’ at Japan Box Office

Disney cartoon becomes 2014 top title, but challengers are queuing up.


TOKYO — “Frozen” won its fifth straight weekend at the Japanese box office, earning $8.25 million on April 12-13, a drop of only 1% from the weekend before.

In the 31 days since its release, the pic’s cume has climbed to $90 million on 7.56 million admissions. This surpasses the $84.5 million for the year’s former B.O. champ, the WWII kamikaze drama “The Eternal Zero.”

If “Frozen” keeps going at this pace, raking in nearly $3 million a day, it could finish Golden Week, a holiday-studded period from late April to early May, with nearly $150 million.

“Frozen” only narrowly beat “Crows: Explode,” the third episode in the Crows Zero Japanese action series. With Toyoda Toshiaki this time in the director’s chair, replacing Miike Takashi, it took $2.89 million from some 300 screens.

Among “Frozen”’s other soon-to-be-released challengers are “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and the latest installment in the enduringly popular “Detective Conan” kids’ animation series.