Sports movies were flavor of the day Wednesday at the Hong Kong FilMart, where producers unveiled details of “Full Strike” and “To the Fore.”

“Full Strike” (pictured), directed by Hong Kong’s Derek Kwok, tells the story of a hot-tempered, former badminton player whose encounter with four ex-gangsters inspires her to make a return to her favorite sport.

The picture stars Josie Ho, a co-founder of producer 852 Films, Ekin Cheng, Gardner Tse and Susan Shaw.

The budget is HK$30 million ($3.9 million), put together by 852 Films, Why Entertainment, Big Honor Entertainment, In Look Media, Star Chinese Movies, XAMAX Development and StArt Entertainment and Production.

Meanwhile, Emperor Motion Picture is backing action-romance “To the Fore,” directed by Dante Lam, who is best-known as a crime and action specialist. Targeted at a younger audience, the film’s plot revolves around four young cyclists, their friendship and their individual love stories.

The film’s budget is pegged at a considerable HK$80 million ($10.3 million), reflecting its production in a variety of locations including Taiwan, Korea, China and Europe. The cast is headed by Taiwan’s Eddie Peng and Ethan Juan. Shooting will begin this summer and the completed picture is set to wheel its way into theaters in 2015.