‘Beijing, New York’ Unites Li and Easternlight

Supermodel Lin Chiling stars in “Beijing, New York,” the directorial debut of cinematographer Rain Li.

Lin Chiling in 'Beijing New York'

Asian supermodel Lin Chiling stars in “Beijing, New York,” an East-West love triangle story that is the directorial debut of cinematographer Rain Li.

Easternlight, the Asian affiliate of Arclight Films, is handling international sales.

The film, which also stars top Chinese actor Liu Ye (“The Last Supper”) and Richard de Klerk (TV’s “Stargate”), has its market debut at FilMart this week.

The story involves a Chinese woman who travels to New York to live out her American dream, but finds herself torn between men, cities and cultural traditions.

London and Hong Kong-based Li, aka Kathy Li, has cinematography credits including “Paris, je t’aime” and Gus Van Sant’s “Paranoid Park.” For “Beijing New York” she tapped Chris Doyle as her lenser.

“ ‘Beijing, New York’ is a truthful and thrilling look into the journey to find true happiness and the joy, pain and adventure that ensues when one is forced to integrate their dreams into reality,” said Li.

Easternlight, the Hong Kong-domiciled offshoot of Sydney and L.A.-based Arclight Films, is also representing “Teana: Fearless Fighter 3D,” a Chinese animated feature; “The Four 3,” the third installment in its Chinese martial arts franchise; and “The Outcast,” a China-set Nicolas Cage fantasy action picture.