China’s Huayi Opens International Chapter, Confirms Studio 8 Investment Plans

Leading Chinese studio unveils 32-film production and distribution slate

personal tailor 2 Huayi Brothers

HONG KONG – Huayi Brothers, China’s leading private sector movie group, Thursday unveiled a huge 32-film production and distribution slate.

Huayi co-chief, Wang Zhonglei also reiterated plans to invest $120-$150 million in former Warner Bros.-boss Jeff Robinov’s nascent Studio 8 company.

Wang, who co-founded Huayi 20 years ago as an advertising agency with elder brother Wang Zhongjun, said that the company has begun an “international chapter” in its history.

“Darwinian natural selection advocates the survival of the fittest. This applies to China which, as we begin our third decade, has seen ups and downs, the growth of private enterprise, and our arrival in the ‘movie business era’,” he said.

The company’s so-called ‘H-Plan’ for 2014/15 spans two years of production and will see 14 movies released in 2014, plus a further 18 next year.

The line-up includes the next works by major directors from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan; Feng Xiaogang, Tsui Hark, Chen Kuo-fu , Gu Changwei , Pang Ho-cheung , Doze Niu, husband and wife team Mabel Cheung and Alex Law (in a quasi-biography of Jackie Chan’s parents), Wilson Yip, Wong Jing, Wuershan and Daniel Lee.

The slate contains four U.S. movies that the company expects to be allowed to import and release. They include Johnny Depp-star vehicle “Mortdecai” from Lionsgate; Keanu Reeves-starring hit-man thriller “John Wick” from Content Films; Brad Pitt-starring “Fury” from Q.E.D.; and animation “Tibetan Rock Dog.”

2014 slate
“Personal Tailor” — released January 2014 (pictured)
“Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: Meet The Pegasus” — released January 2014
“Ex-Files” — released January 2014
“Black Coal, Thin Ice” — released March 2014
“The Truth About Beauty” — released April 2014
“Aberdeen” Pang Ho-cheung — released May 8, 2014
“One day” – June 2014
“Women Who Flirt” dir. Pang Ho-cheung – July 2014
“The Death Day Party” dir. Eddie Tse – Aug. 2014
“Paradise in Service” dir. Doze Niu – Sep. 2014
“Strays” dir. Peng Sanyuan – Sep. 2014
“Love In The Cloud” dir. Gu Changwei – Oct. 2014
“Fury” (U.S.) dir. David Ayer – Nov. 2014
“A Tale of Three Cities” dir. Mabel Cheung – December 2014
2015 slate
“Heaven Will Be Mighty” (w.t.) dir. Daniel Lee
“Mortdecai” (U.S.) dir. David Koepp
“John Wick” (U.S.) dirs. David Leitch and Chad Stahelski
“Mad City” (w.t) dir. Guan Hu
“Tibetan Rock Dog” (U.S.) dir. Ash Brannon
“10 Years Girlfriend” (w.t) dir. Teng Hua Tao
“Predestined” (w.t.)
“New York, New York” dir. Luo Dong
“Lonely Together” (w.t.) dir. Ho Wi Ding
“Old society” (w.t.) dir. Cheng Er
“Men Raiders” (w.t.) dir. Tian Yusheng
“The 800 Warriors” dir. Guan Hu
“Assassination” (w.t.) dir. Gu Changwei
“The Ghouls” dir. Wuershan
“Legend of the Gods” (w.t) dir. Wilson Yip
“Ghost” (w.t) dir. Wong Jing
“Detective Dee 3” (w.t)
“Untitled Feng Xiaogang” dir. Feng Xiaogang.