Miao Xiaotian, the new president of China Film Co-production Corporation, says that the country’s doors are open to co-production films.

“We have received over 80 applications this year. So far 65% have been approved, with most of the others currently under review by the Film Bureau,” Miao said Wednesday at a presentation at the U.S.-China Film Summit in Los Angeles.

“Only 5% of applications are rejected, and they typically all make the same mistakes,” he said. “We need cultural elements from both countries and at least one lead actor. Having a U.S. director is not be a problem. The prod team can be from Hollywood as long as we can see the Chinese elements on screen.”

Miao steered away from defining exactly what topics might be deemed too politically sensitive to pass muster, but gave the example of an unnamed French project which discussed Chinese environmental pollution.

he admitted that to date there have been few, if any, pictures which have appealed equally to US and Chinese audiences. “I cannot tell you which ones will work, that is the job of the filmmakers to find, but I am confident that there will be in future.”