Aspirational Chinese tween movie “Tiny Times 3” ran away with the China box office this weekend.

But the weekend was also notable as the frame in which Transformers: Age of Extinction” officially passed $300 million at Middle Kingdom theaters.

“Tiny Times 3” grossed $50.12 million in four days from some 9.7 million ticket sales. “Transformers 4” added $26.1 million, keeping it in second place, and putting it on a 24-day cumulative total of $306 million, according to data from Entgroup.

The counter-programming and social marketing tactics of Tiny Times 3 distributors Le Vision Pictures and Huace Film appear to have worked well, and goes some way to justifying Huace’s $120 million investment in director Guo Jingming’s films and comic book company late last year.

The opening weekend of the third instalment exceeded the final $47 million gross of “Tiny Times 2” which was released in August last year as a pre-planned quick-fire follow-up to the first episode. That was released in late June 2013 and grossed $77 million. A fourth episode now appears an inevitability.

With the exception of “Transformers 4” in second place and “Maleficent,” which ground out a further $1.23 million for a 31 day cume of $47.7 million, the rest of the top 10 chart belonged to Chinese films.

Notable among these was horror “the House That Never Dies” with a three day score of $25 million.

“Old Boys” added $12.7 million to hit $29.6 million after 11 days, and “The Breakup Guru” add $11 million to hit $104 million after 31 days.

Subsequent chart places went to three animation films “Seer V,” animation “Happy Heroes 2: Planet Wars,” and “Roco Kingdom,” and horror “Bunshinsaba 3” in tenth spot.