BUSAN — Peter Chan Ho-sun’s child abduction drama “Dearest” has racked up a slew of sales around Asia.

The picture, which plays this week in Busan, was licensed by We Distribution to Hong Kong (Edko Films), Korea (b.o.m.), Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei (Clover Films) and Japan (Happinet). Sales outside Asia are being handled by Paris-based Versatile Films.

Chan received the Asia Star Awards Special Achievement Award Saturday in recognition of his contribution to Asian Film Industry. At the same ceremony Korea’s Choi Min-sik (“Raring Currents,” “Lucy”) collected the Actor of the Year award, while the Asia Star Award was given to Kim Soo Hyun and Cecilia Liu.

“Dearest,” which premiered last month at the Venice festival, has since opened strongly in China, grossing over $32.5 million. It has also played at Toronto and the Festival do Rio, and it has upcoming dates at the London Film Festival and the Hawaii Intl. Film Festival.