Lotte Entertainment, Korea’s second biggest distribution powerhouse, announced its line-up for 2015 and the winner of the 3rd Lotte Scenario Competition at the Busan Intl. Film Festival.

Comprising of 11 features, Lotte’s upcoming slate is a mixed bag of historical actioners such as “Memories of the Sword,” and “The Magician’s Lover” as well thrillers set in the present day (“The Journalist” and “Manhole”). Lotte officials told Variety that the release date for “Memories of the Sword” will be pushed back as editing has not been finalized. It stars Lee Byeong-hun, currently staying out of the spotlight due to negative public sentiments rising from a sex-remark video. In its stead, “The Con Artists” may be released ahead of time at Christmas as its post-production work has gone faster than expected.

Han Min-hyung, director of international at Lotte told Variety about the company’s plan to expand business with China. “We’re planning to do more co-productions with China. Whereas it had been mostly about selling remake rights and what we had in the library to IPTVs, it’ll be more about actually creating the content with the Chinese,” Han said.

Lotte also announced that the competition, which carries prize money of $94,000 for the grand prize, will be a yearly fixture on the South Korean film calendar, taking place in October with submissions beginning in July. The winner of this year’s Lotte Scenario Competition is “A Ghoul, Not a Zombie)” written by Choi Seo-hyun, a romantic comedy about a man who dies almost as soon as he falls in love. The 2012 winner of the grand prize, “Venus Talk,” (pictured) was made into a film starring Jo Min-su (Pieta) and was released earlier this year.