BERLIN – French superstar Jean Reno will head the cast of “The Way of the Eagle,” an upcoming feature about human and animal relationships that combines fiction and documentary footage.

The picture is being packaged by Red Bull Media’s Terra Mater Factual Studios with Spanish director Gerardo Olivares at the helm.

Reno will star alongside last year’s Spanish top newcomer Manuel Camacho (“Entre Lobos”) in a tale of a troubled boy whose own life parallels that of an abandoned eagle chick.

Wildlife directors Otmar Penker and Gerald Salmina have already delivered considerable amounts of documentary footage captured in Austria and the South Tyrol. Principal photography of the fictional material begins in June, with the completed movie scheduled for an early 2015 outing.

Terra Matter CEO Walter Koehler described the pic as “a legacy film whose use of real-life wildlife footage combined with poignant human drama will resonate with audiences the world over.” Terra Mater is the new home of the former production team of Universum the Austrian public broadcaster, ORF’s natural history unit.

The company is also handling international sales and pitching “Eagle” at Berlin’s EFM.