Paris-based film financier Backup Media is diving deeper into high-profile Asian arthouse and genre films.

Bolstered by its partnership with producer Lorna Tee, Backup Media has acquired three Asian pics: Takashi Miike’s “Yakuza Apocalypse,” Sabu’s “Ten no chasuke” and Ifa Isfansyah’s “The Golden Cane Warrior.”

“We are convinced that Europe is the main secondary market for Asian director-driven films. Europe is where these films can still have natural theatrical ambitions,” said Joel Thibout, who co-founded Backup Media with Jean-Baptiste Babin and David Atlan-Jackson.

Thibout described “Apocalypse” as “a vampire meets yakuza” pic. It’s produced by Japanese studio Nikkatsu.

“Chasuke” is produced by Office Kitano. “Warrior” is an Indonesian martial art feature produced by Mira Lesmana. All three Asian projects will be pitched to international buyers in early 2015.

Backup Media is also keeping its focus on ambitious French movies. It’s co-financing Nicolas Saada’s “Taj Mahal” with Stacy Martin; Yann Gozlan’s thriller “A Perfect Man”; Benoit Jacquot’s “Diary of a Chambermaid” with Lea Seydoux; as well as up-and-comer Eva Husson’s teenage drama “Bang Gang.”

“We sincerely believe these four upcoming French talents will get a lot of attention this coming year. and that their voices will be heard in the future,” Thibout said.

The company’s slate of European pics include Penelope Cruz’s strarrer “Ma Ma” from Spain, Pablo Virzi’s “Human Capital” and Nanni Moretti’s follow up to “We Have a Pope.”