Top indie sales house Finecut has picked up rights to “The Royal Tailor,” a period drama that is poised to become one of the biggest Korean films of the year.

The $10 million film is created and packaged by Kim Sujin, a producer with a reputation for discovering directing talent, and who made the breakout “The Chaser,” directed by Na Hong-jin.

“Royal Tailor” is the second feature by Lee Wonsuk, whose first effort was the more contemporary “How to Use Guys With Secret Tips.” It stars Han Seok-kyu, Ko Soo, Park Shin-hye, and Yoo Yeon-seok.

Set hundreds of years ago during the Chosun dynasty the story is a tale of rivalry between two tailors, one old, loyal and traditional, and the other a young upstart. Their Mozart/Salieri-like rivalry, and court intrigue, is sparked when the queen brings in the outsider to recreate a robe for the king, which the older cutter had ruled out as a breach of palace protocol.

Presented by Waw Pictures, the film is set for a wide theatrical release in South Korea for the Christmas to be locally distributed by Showbox.