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As a celebrity property gossip it’s just too deliciously degenerate to pass up…

All the loud parties, the drag racing in the streets, and the spitting on neighbors hasn’t made bubble gum pop superstar Justin Bieber many friends in his upscale gated enclave in suburban Calabasas (CA) and Your Mama highly doubts news of his most recent (alleged) shenanigans will make him any more popular at the next neighborhood bake sale.*

Are you ready for this, puppies?

Last night at around 7:30 p.m. young Mister Bieber (allegedly) launched an egg attack on his next door neighbor’s house. That’s right, a goddamn egg attack. Seriously? Who does that? The neighbor’s reaction was—somehow—caught on a cell phone video that was—somehow—obtained by TMZ. The neighbor told TMZ he estimates The Beebs hurled about two dozen eggs in total, some while the two of them threw profanities at each other and the neighbor’s teen aged daughter rang the po-po.

Presumably the local police will conduct some sort of investigation paid for by tax payers and, if the neighbor’s allegations prove to be true, will likely result in little more than a meaningless slap of the hand and a day or two of bad press in by the otherwise adoring celebrity media machine.**

For months the celebrity gossip grapevine has swirled with rumors that Mister Bieber might like to decamp his suburban community. There have even been reports that The Beeb’s momma would like her fast-living teen aged son to move to the Hollywood Hills because, for some reason, she imagines residents will not be bothered by his douche bag antics. But anyways…

*Your Mama really has no idea if Mister Bieber’s neighborhood holds a bake sale.
**The latest reports say detectives may try seek a felony charge but does anyone really think that’s gonna happen?