Buckle your celebrity real estate safety belts, children, because global bubble gum pop superstar Katy Perry has unloaded her never lived in Los Angeles estate-compound, Park Hill, for $5,565,000.

That’s a lot of money by any standard, of course. However, puppies, a few quick calculations on Your Mama’s tireless bejeweled abacus shows that’s $1.385 million less than her original $6.95 million open market asking price—Your Mama has it on good authority that Miss Perry first shopped the property off market at closer to $8 million—and, even more importantly, $935,000 less than the $6.5 million she and her now ex-husband, British bad boy comedian Russell Brand, paid for the place in June 2011.

Various property records data bases Your Mama consulted this morning don’t yet reflect a recorded transaction and thus identify the new owner but an impeccable informant—let’s call her Sheeneeduh Tellsomebodee—snitched to Your Mama that the buyer is a fella named Lorenzo Doumani. As far as we can tell, this Mister Doumani is a real estate developer and occasional b-movie writer/director/producer who comes from the illustrious Doumani family of Las Vegas.*

Since Your Mama and every other property gossip on the planet has previously (dissed and) discussed the estate until every one’s eyes bled blood and annoyance we”ll suffice today to say the double-gated compound contains an 8,835 square foot 1920s Mediterranean with a two-story living room and a four room master suite. Additional structures includes a detached three-car garage atop a caretaker’s apartment and studio, and, high on the hillside overlooking a lagoon-style swimming pool, a self-contained one bedroom guest house on an adjoining but separate parcel.

Prior to Miss Perry—and now Mister Doumani—Park Hill was owned by Dan Laiken, the former CEO of National Lampoon who—as far as Your Mama knows—is still in the pokey for his part in a Ponzi scheme. Mister Laiken acquired the estate in 2004 from esteemed country music publishing executive Ralph Peer II.

Earlier this year Miss Perry spent $11.2 million in acquire a multi-residence compound near the top of Runyon Canyon in the Hollywood Hills. Property records show Mister Doumani owns a fair amount of property in Las Vegas as well as an English Tudor-style mansion in the Beverly Hills flats acquired in June 2011 for a bit more than $4,676,000.

*Mister Doumani’s father, Edward Doumani, is a well-known and Old School figure in the Las Vegas property development scene and who has long battled (unsubstantiated) allegations of mob ties. In addition to financing a number of movies, the elder Mister Doumani and his brother, Fred, built a number of iconic casino resorts like the Tropicana Hotel and Casino, the El Morocco Hotel, and the Paul Williams-designed La Concha Motel. In the 1970s Daddy Doumani teamed up with Steven Wynn on the Golden Nugget casino resorts in Las Vegas and Atlantic City but that partnership appears to have ended in shambles and bitterness. But we digress…

listing photos: Teles Properties