Last week the heirs of Edgar Bronfman, Sr. officially listed the Canadian-born booze baron turned international businessman and philanthropist’s long time Manhattan penthouse atop 960 Fifth Avenue with a sky high but probably not ridiculous $65,000,000 asking price.

At the time of Your Mama’s previous discussion, digital listings we had access to only presented the rather magnificent J-shaped floor plan. Now, thanks to several missives from the children, it’s come to Your Mama’s attention that the official listings now include a handful of photographs and a pair of photos that show the winter time view across Central Park and south towards

The decor is all quite elegant and correct in a high-nosed Fifth Avenue sort of way even if the color scheme is a tad quirky and pastel-hued for Your Mama’s particular taste. The walls in the massive living room are bathed in a lemon chiffon hue, the library has eye-popping kelly green walls, and the dining room is of particular note with pale mint walls off-set by a divoonly decadent silver-leafed ceiling and emerald green velvet upholstered dining chairs.

An eagle eyed informant snitched too Your Mama (and provided evidence) that the dining room table and chairs seen in listing photos of Mister Bronfman Sr.’s penthouse at 960 Fifth Avenue are the very same set as were installed by legendary decorator Albert Hadley in a penthouse pad owned by Mister Bronfman, Sr. from, according to 740 Park chronicler Michael Gross, the early 1960s until the late 1970s. The clear crystal chandelier over the high gloss round table probably has a pedigree that would curl and average millionaire’s hair—not to mention blow their bank account—and looks to Your Mama’s untrained (and admittedly boozy) eyes like it was purchased at great expense out of an 18th century Austro-Hungarian castle or some place like that. Anyways, enjoy…

listing photos: Brown Harris Stevens