About a month ago Your Mama (and just about every other property gossip on the globe) discussed the Fifth Avenue penthouse that Edgar Bronfman Sr.’s heirs hoisted on the open market with an astronomical $65,000,000 price tag.

Almost immediately, so the high-toned real estate scuttlebutt goes, an intense bidding war erupted between a couple of deep pocketed prospective purchasers. The winner, who paid a pearl clutching $70 million for the sprawling five bedroom penthouse, is widely rumored and reported to be bazillionaire Wal-Mart heiress Alice Walton, the drunk driving daughter of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton.

The $70 million purchase price makes it the most expensive co-operative apartment to ever trade hands in New York City but—seriously, kids, it’s pocket change for 64-year old Miz Walton whose net worth is estimated to be somewhere close to $35 billion.

The art hoovering horse breeder currently lives on a 3,200 acre ranch in rural Millsap, Texas, about 80 miles due west of downtown Dallas.