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SELLER: George Kotsiopoulos
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
PRICE: $885,000
SIZE: 1,150 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom

YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: Style maven George Kotsiopoulos has put his bantam but colorfully dressed digs in L.A.’s storied Laurel Canyon up for sale at $885,000.

Mister Kotsiopoulos, a former publicist turn stylist to the stars, is probably best known to the cable television watching public as one of the sassy and fashion savvy co-hosts of “Fashion Police,” a gig that will continue even without the show’s comedically fearless and hilariously bitchy star Joan Rivers who went to meet the great plastic surgeon in the sky in earlier September. He is (or was) the style editor at C Magazine — we’re honestly not sure if he still toils for the publication — and earlier this year the sartorial savant published a how-to book, “Glamorous By George,” that offers a slew of tips on how to dress, accessorize, decorate and entertain like a movie star. Frankly, we don’t care to look, dress, decorate, act or entertain like a movie star but we’re probably not his target audience anyway.

Anyhoodles, poodles, property records show the perfectly scruffed style arbiter purchased the petite Laurel Canyon residence in May 2006 for $785,000 and digital marketing materials show the two-story house has three (potential) bedrooms and just one medium-sized bathroom in — let’s be honest, butter beans — an apartment-sized 1,150 square feet.

Open plan living spaces have dark stained maple floors, a fireplace with what looks like might be a steel surround, a sky light over the living room area and French doors that open to a slender, bi-level patio area. (The glass and metal coffee table set at a cattywompus angle in the middle of the living room looks to this property gossip like it’s absolutely begging to have shins banged into the sharp corners but that’s really neither here not there, is it?) A three-stool snack bar separates the living area from the compact kitchen that’s fitted and kitted with candy apple red cabinetry, slab marble counter tops and Euro-style stainless steel appliances.

Although the house is itty bitty, the master bedroom is big enough to have a sitting area and a second bedroom appears to have been done up by or for Mister Kotsiopoulos as a den/t.v. lounge. For what it’s worth — and it’s really not worth a damn thing — this decoratively persnickety property gossip does not care for the turquoise walls color or the rather questionable text art behind the sofa that inexplicably reads “TV ART” but we, too, store our books by spine color so we’re appreciative of that color-coded decorative conceit.

A third bedroom has a private entrance and was done up as a glammy office space with a hot pink flokati-type rug, a faux-brick wall and mirror-encased built-in wardrobe. The street level garage has been pressed in to use as a kind of fitting room/work space with dropped plywood ceiling, curtain-fronted storage and track lighting. It looks to Your Mama like the automatic garage door-opening machine is still hanging from the ceiling so it wouldn’t take so much to convert the space back to a garage if the next owner chooses.

It’s perhaps not such surprise Mister Kotsiopoulos wants to sell his Lauren Canyon crib since our research indicates that in April 2013 he paid $1.185 million for a three bedroom and 2.5 bathroom, late 1960s split-level Spanish casa just above the Sunset Strip that Your Mama’s spies tell us has recently undergone a significant renovation.

Listing photos: John Aaroe Group