YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: The long-legged blond at Trulia Luxe Living revealed that Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham just bought a third home in the same pocket of L.A.’s quietly swank Brentwood ‘hood.

Listing details show the two-story, 1940s era residence sits on .63 of a double-gated acre, encompassing 5,680-square-feet of well-maintained if depressingly dated interior space with six bedrooms and five bathrooms, and cost the veteran rock star $6.493 million.

Almost a decade ago, in late 2004, Mister Buckingham paid $6.6 million for an 8,051-square-foot house with six beds and nine baths. In December 2012, for reasons not known to this property gossip, he shelled out another $5.8 million for a 2,958-square-foot house about a mile away. (The new house is less than a quarter-mile up the same street as the one he bought in 2004.)

Your Mama can’t say why Mister Buckingham needs or wants threes houses within 1.5 miles of each other in Brentwood but apparently he does.

For more photos of this property, click here.

listing photos: Gibson International