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Just for shits and giggles and the freakish absurdity of the whole thing we’re gonna wind up this rainy Friday afternoon with a piggy on the back of the impressively focussed fellow at Homes of the Rich (via Veja São Paulo) who unearthed some recently published details about a 191,000+ square foot residential compound in Santana de Parnaiba, outside of São Paulo, Brazil. The recently completed hill top compound is owned by innovative Brazilian television executive Amilcare Dallevo Jr. and his t.v. presenter wife Daniela Albuquerque, a couple of unrepentant real estate size queens if this property gossip has ever seen one.

The high-walled and no-doubt heavily fortified property has a three-plus story main mansion with—so the scuttlebutt goes—a 13,000 square foot master suite that includes a private, roof-top swimming pool. No, butter cups, that is not a drunken typo, we really meant thirteen thousand square feet…a 13,000 square foot master suite. Think about that for a minute because it makes Your Mama need a nerve pill and a stiff, pre-cocktail hour gin & tonic to imagine a bedroom complex larger than some public schools. Anyways, somewhere on the property there’s a cinema and spa—natch—as as well his and her offices of 1,000 or more square feet apiece and a 26-foot long fish tank because, let’s be honest, what good is a 191,000 square foot giga-mansion without a 26-foot long fish tank that probably requires constant and expensive upkeep and maintenance by a team of fish wranglers, glass cleaners and tank decorators?

In addition to the main mansion the property also includes an entertainment pavilion that looks the offices of a financial services outfit in Manhasset, NY, along with a multi-storied complex next to the swimming pool, and a rather bizarre cylindrical blue glass structure (with adjacent parking lot) located outside the walls. Other features of note include three heliports—including one on the roof of the main mansion, hanger space for four helicopters, subterranean parking for 50 cars, and extensive formal gardens.

Frankly it looks to Your Mama more like a luxury training facility for top tier CIA executives and operative rather than a private residence, but we’ve never been a residential real estate size queen so what do we know?

photo: Gutho Galiano for Veja São Paulo