Paradigm Talent Agency chairman Sam Gores has surreptitiously sold a two-bedroom and two-bathroom condo at the celebrity-stacked Sierra Towers building on the border of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood in an off-market deal for $3.1 million to big time book editor, publisher and occasional TV and radio host Judith Regan. Gores made a good return on the mid-floor corner condo that he bought just 18 months earlier, for $2.35 million. Listing details from the time of Gores’ early 2013 purchase show the 1,752-square-foot apartment had 1 to 2 bedrooms, two bathrooms and an open-plan main living space with floor-to-ceiling windows and sliders that open to a terrace with head-on views of the super-chi-chi SoHo Club.

Gores also owns a 6,000-ish-square-foot mini-mansion about half a mile away that he picked up in April 2013 for $9.75 million from Oscar-winning producer Tom Rosenberg — it was previously owned and renovated by producer-turned-high-end house-flipper Sandy Gallin — and in May 2012, he unloaded a double-lot compound with a renovated 1926 Wallace Neff-designed mansion for $17.25 million in an off-market deal to Todd Phillips (“The Hangover”).

Sam’s brothers, Tom and Alec — both L.A.-based multibillionaire investors — maintain property portfolios that make his new mini-manse in Beverly Hills look like servants’ quarters. Alec owns a 42,000-square-foot megamansion in the illustrious Beverly Park enclave, as well as a Malibu beach house he bought in 2002 for $9.6 million from telecom tycoon Gary Winnick. Tom, who last year sold two mansions in the guard-gated Mulholland Estates community in the mountains between Beverly Hills and Sherman Oaks — one for $4.8 million to Charlie Sheen, and the other for $10 million to Christina Aguilera — owns more than half a dozen residences in the L.A. area. All together, by our research and calculation, that cost him — and we suggest you sit down for this — nearly $168 million.

Tom Gores’ frequently in flux collection of multimillion-dollar abodes also includes a big ol’ Beverly Park mansion ($21 million), a 7,000-square-foot beachfront home in Malibu ($22.66 million) and — we learned last week from indefatigable real estate yenta Yolanda Yakketyyak — the much smaller house next door he scooped just last month for $20 million.

Several years ago, the voracious property collector forked over a combined $45.14 million for a 10,000-square-foot mansion on about half an acre and an adjoining trio of undeveloped parcels that total 7.6 acres and sit between the sprawling estates of fellow multibillionaires David Geffen and Ron Burkle. In 2008 and 2009, he plunked down a total of $56 million for a pair of parcels that come to more than three acres above the Bel-Air Country Club, where he’s deep into a costly renovation of a nearly 30,000-square-foot megamansion that — much to this property gossip’s surprise — briefly popped up on the open market earlier this year with a $50 million pricetag. And finally, coincidentally enough, a couple months after brother Sam bought the Sierra Towers condo he recently sold to Miz Regan, Tom forked over $3.105 million for a higher floor aerie in the same building, with 2,117 square feet, 1 bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms and sweeping views over Beverly Hills. And that, butter beans, is how you amass $168 million in residential real estate in Los Angeles.