Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart may not have their own TV shows or Hollywood blockbusters, but they have millions of fans combined — thanks to YouTube.

The YouTuber trio, who have a combined 3.5 million subscribers on their channels, are utilizing their digital fanbase to release a feature-length comedy, “Camp Takota,” online. An extended trailer was released Wednesday, but the official trailer, released in Dec., has drawn more than 600,000 views on Helbig’s account.

The online celebrities have been building anticipation for months, along with the film’s production company RockStream Studios, prior to the Valentine’s Day online release. Though the film can be pre-ordered for $9.99, special “care packages” can also be purchased for up to $300, which include anything from a “Camp Takota” t-shirt to a Google Hangout with the three stars.

“The film embraces a new model that involves partnering with digitally engaged talent and their fans from inception all the way through production, marketing, and distribution,” Michael Goldfine, producer of the film and president of RockStream, told Variety. “This is a movie that resonates and creates a connection not only with the highly-engaged YouTube audience, but with a broader universe of comedy fans in general.”

The film stars Helbig as a twenty-something media professional who, when her life turns to shambles, takes up a job as a camp counselor at her old summer camp, and there reconnects with former pals, played by the Hart girls.

“I love ‘Camp Takota’ because it is a scripted comedy, not just a feature-length version of our YouTube channel work,” said Helbig. “Our fans have been an important part of every step of the filmmaking process, so ‘Camp Takota’ has become a mutual experience for us and our fans.  This kind of engagement is where entertainment is going, and it’s not something that really existed even a couple of years ago, which is really exciting.”

Helbig is best known for her daily videos on her “It’s Grace” YouTube channel, while Hannah Hart launched the popular “My Drunk Kitchen” online series and Mamrie Hart (no relation) is the host of “You Deserve a Drink.” The film will be available online only at Feb. 14 at CampTakota.com.