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WME has announced the launch of Tally, a mobile app developed by WME digital head and former Zynga general manager Dan Porter and the team behind the popular mobile game Draw Something.

The app will allow users to post content including links, text and photos, without the need for a username or login, but instead linked anonymously to their cell phone and identified by a photo and signature of the user’s choice.

Each new piece of content is marked by a single hashtag, allowing users to sort as well as respond and react to content instantly. Users can draw on photos, post GIF reactions to content, and vote up or down on individual posts in order to rank the best content.

The agency said it hopes Tally will drive realtime content around things like sports events, award shows and other television programming to “give creators a platform not just to talk at their fans but with them.”

Tally is available for iOS beginning Thursday.