Walmart’s Vudu streaming service has joined Apple’s iTunes and Google’s Play store to support Disney Movies Anywhere.

The retailer will become available through Disney’s app on Nov. 18.

Disney has been aggressive in lining up digital storefronts to support DMA, since the app’s launch in February.

The app offers access to over 400 Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies, with purchased titles stored in the cloud so that they can accessed on any mobile devices with an internet connection. That includes smartphones and tablets to smart TVs.

In addition, Disney is using DMA to distribute short form content and entice users to make more purchases through a point-based reward system.

DMA added Google Play last week, meaning that the Disney service is now supported on Android-powered devices. The system powers 80% of the world’s mobile devices.

Disney sees DMA as a way to encourage more sales of its movies on digital platforms, as more consumers turn to mobile devices to view entertainment.