YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki introduced a slew of innovations to creators assembled at Vidcon on Thursday in Anaheim, with the goal of aimed at helping them make more money off their videos.

“It’s a focus of mine to bring more revenue to the YouTube ecosystem,” said Wojcicki, who moved into the top job at YouTube just five months ago.

First introduced was fan subtitles, which will allow users to translate videos in different languages of their favorite videos. Creators can approve of the translations, which will help users maximize their audience in countries that don’t speak their language — an important factor, given as much as 60% views for a given video can come from outside a creator’s country.

Fan subtitles is entering beta phase in order for testing to improve the product.

YouTube is also launching a music countdown show with YouTube star Jenna Marbles as host on SiriusXM Hits 1 Channel. The satellite radio platform will put the focus on 15 emerging and popular artists on YouTube, which has a track record launching hits without the help of radio.

In addition, YouTube is deploying interactive cards intended to be an improvement over the current annotation functionality. The cards intermix text, images and link across all devices (annotations don’t currently work on mobile).

The cards will not only allow creators to sell merchandise but also allow users to contribute money to their favorite creators. The cards will link to crowdfunding sources including Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Similarly, the cards will power a fan-funding function via Google Wallet that will allow users to tip creators anywhere from $1 to $500 without leaving the YouTube platform. The contributions would trigger a customized thank-you video from the creator as well.

In good news for gamers, YouTube will enable up to 60 frames per second in videos, which should help improve screen quality for anything with intense action scenes.

“Your videos will look more awesome,” promised Oliver Heckman, VP of engineering at YouTube.

He also presented a music and sound effects library, which just launched. It has 2,000 sound effects, and will go to 7,500 — including 42 different fart sounds, Heckman noted.

YouTube will also introduce creator credits, which allow creators to tag collaborators who contributed to a particular program.

Lastly, YouTube is developing a mobile app, YouTube Creator Studio, to access analytics and channel management from anywhere on any device. View counts will be updated instantly, which will prove popular considering the wait is typically a source of concern for creators. The app is already available on Android and coming soon to iPhone.