LONDON — Revenue from the games, video and music biz in the U.K. rose 4% to £5.4 billion ($8.94 billion) last year, driven largely by growth in digital. It is the best result since 2009.

Top-selling home entertainment titles in the U.K. last year were vidgame “Grand Theft Auto V,” James Bond movie “Skyfall” and soccer game “FIFA 14.”

The games sector dominated the biz with 41.4% of home entertainment sales in the U.K. Games sales were up 6.6% to $3.63 billion, according to preliminary figures released Wednesday by the Entertainment Retailers Assn.

Digital games revenue, which covers coin from mobile gaming as well as PC and console downloads, grew by 16.4% to $1.95 billion.

The biggest-selling game was “Grand Theft Auto V,” which sold 3.67 million units, followed by “FIFA 14” with 2.66 million units, and “Call of Duty: Ghosts” with 1.99 million units.

Revenue from the video sector, which reps 38.9% of the total home entertainment market, grew by 3.7% to $3.41 billion.

Sales of vid discs fell 6.8% to $2.38 billion, but digital sales grew by 40% to $1.03 billion reflecting the rapid growth of streaming services like Netflix, Lovefilm and Blinkbox.

The biggest-selling vid was “Skyfall,” which sold 2.96 million units, followed by “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” with 2.07 million units, and “Les Miserables” with 1.5 million units.

Music sales, which repped 19.7% of the home entertainment market, dropped 0.5% to $1.73 billion.

Innovation and investment by streaming services brought a 33.7% increase in subscription revenues to $171 million, according to estimates from the music biz body BPI. The nascent streaming market already accounts for nearly 10% of consumer revenues in recorded music.

Sales of physical formats fell 7.6% to $899 million, while digital sales — excluding streaming subs — were up 3.5% to $658 million.

The biggest music seller was compilation album “Now That’s What I Call Music 86,” which sold 1.2 million copies.