Twitter Responds to Stephen Colbert Replacing David Letterman

Stephen Colbert New York Comedy Festival
Roger L. Wollenberg-POOL/Getty Images

To no one’s surprise, social media sites exploded over the news that Stephen Colbert would succeed David Letterman as the host of CBS’ “Late Show.”

So did CBS make the right move?

According to the data analysis site Kontera, it did — at least as far as Twitter is concerned.

Of the 23,000 tweets made in the hour after the announcement,  27% were in favor of the decision (61% were neutral and 11% were negative).

But even some of the negative tweets supported the Comedy Central star. While some of the naysayers were upset that a woman didn’t get the job, others were sad that this move means the loss of  his Comedy Central show, “The Colbert Report.”

Still, the Internet seems to be in agreement with Variety TV critic Brian Lowry, who wrote that CBS “has found the perfect choice to replace David Letterman, in a coup that could potentially reset the latenight race to a scenario much like the one that existed for years between Letterman and Jay Leno.”