Twitch Hooks Into YouTube for Live Broadcast Alerts

Extended partnership comes as Google is engaged in acquisition talks with Internet videogame broadcaster

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Internet videogame-broadcasting company Twitch extended its partnership with YouTube, under which the Google-owned site will issue alerts when Twitch users begin streaming videos.

The Twitch Live Annotations feature generates a promotional alert that appears on all of a user’s YouTube videos when they start broadcasting. Gamers can already trigger such alerts to their Twitch, Twitter and Facebook followers.

According to industry sources, Google has reached a preliminary deal to acquire Twitch in a deal worth $1 billion, as first reported by Variety.

A Twitch rep declined to comment on talks with Google; Google also has declined to comment. “YouTube annotations has been something we have been working on for a while,” the Twitch rep said.

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“When people are watching our broadcaster’s videos on YouTube, a link will pop up that lets them know the broadcaster is live on Twitch at that time,” Twitch VP of marketing Matthew DiPietro said in a statement. “Enabling new means of discovery is important for our community, so that makes it important to us.”

Twitch said the Live Annotations feature will not override any existing annotations or promotions that broadcasters have on their YouTube videos, with alerts appearing next in line behind other scheduled promotions. Watch a video about the new Twitch live annotations feature for YouTube: