SXSW: Dana Brunetti Knocks Zach Braff, Spike Lee for Crowdfunding

'House of Cards' producer also touts Netflix for revolutionizing TV biz

Academy Awards Nominee Dana Brunetti
Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

Never one to mince words, Dana Brunetti criticized Zach Braff and Spike Lee for utilizing crowdfunding at SXSW on Sunday.

In a Q&A with Randi Zuckerberg, the outspoken “House of Cards” producer singled out the filmmakers because those celebrities “already have access” and are taking “away from the little guys, who actually needs the funding.”

Brunetti voiced his support for projects seeking crowd funding that aren’t related to entertainment as being more worthy of contributions.

Indie filmmakers on Kickstarter are not without their faults, either. Brunetti thinks “selling walk-on roles and producer credits undermines the integrity of the film” and the “creative process” and brings ups “issues with guilds, SAG, whole other bag of worms if” the movie starts “making money, brings up questions of return on investment.”

Zuckerberg cheerleading aside — she called him one of her heroes changing both “the history of content” and “the face of content” and told everyone to follow him on Twitter — Brunetti dropped some quotable gold, as predicted.

When Brunetti first began working on House of Cards in 2011, people thought he was “crazy” and “nuts.” Now everyone “gets it,” he said, to the point where people will pitch him shows for Netflix as if he is “the gatekeeper for Netflix.”

As for traditional methods of distributing content, Brunetti said TV is actually already “dead the way we know it” and if a show is “not available on devices or streaming,” five years from now that would be “absurd.”

On working with Netflix, Brunetti described it as “a perfect marriage of creative and technology” and praised the company for not releasing their viewership ratings.