Super Bowl Ads Score Before Big Game With Massive Viewership

Scarlett Johansson's banned spot for SodaStream is the most viewed ad so far

Scarlett Johansson Soda Stream

Many of the marketers who spent $4 million for a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl have already scored with their commercials.

There are an estimated 55 Super Bowl ads already on YouTube, three days before the Big Game airs on Fox on Feb. 2. (YouTube is posting all of the Super Bowl ads on its Ad Blitz site).

What’s more impressive, the ads have been watched more than 44 million times, as of this week, according to Google. That’s up from the 20 million views early Super Bowl ads generated last year.

The top teaser watched so far is SodaStream’s banned spot starring Scarlett Johansson with 5.6 million views, followed by Axe Peace “Make Love, Not War” (3.6 million); Doritos’ “Finger Cleaner” (2.9 million); Butterfinger’s “Cup Therapy” (2.7 million); and Dannon Oikos’ “The Spill” (2.2 million).

For last year’s game, Super Bowl spots were watched 80 million times before the game, Google added, with the ads watched 265 million times on YouTube altogether afterward.