Disney has relaunched StarWars.com as the company anticipates interest in all things “Star Wars” since greenlighting new movies and TV shows and pursuing new merchandising and licensing opportunities.

Disney Interactive said the site is “designed for the next generation of ‘Star Wars’ fans,” and it’s meant to be the “first source” for the next films, TV shows and videogames related to the sci-fi franchise.

That includes breaking news — something for which Lucasfilm already had been using StarWars.com when announcing official director hires or castings on the films.

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New site, designed to work on all platforms, also includes features and videos, including a behind the scenes look of the making of Chopper, a droid featured in the upcoming animated series “Star Wars: Rebels,” as well as a databank of “Star Wars” characters, creatures, locations, droids, devices and trivia.

Additional special features and experiences can be unlocked with a Disney ID, given that StarWars.com is part of the Disney network.

Naturally, “Star Wars” also has destinations on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube.