Crackle, Sony Pictures Television’s online-video site, has pushed back the release of its upcoming hacker movie “The Throwaways” in the wake of Sony’s hack attack, Variety has confirmed.

The online distributor postponed the release of its original cyber-thriller from December 19 to early January after deciding that the timing wasn’t “appropriate” considering its parent company’s current woes.

Sam Huntington, Kevin Dillon and James Caan star in “The Throwaways,” which follows a notorious hacker (Huntington) who’s captured, then recruited by the CIA to take down a cyber-terrorist. Jeremy Renner and Don Handfield are among the executive producers.

One of the private emails divulged by the real-life hackers on Thursday revealed that Sony’s TV division actually recently considered selling a majority stake in Crackle.

Andy Kaplan, Sony Pictures TV’s president of worldwide networks, reportedly wrote, “If we sold 51% control at a total valuation of $200 mi, for the sake of the example, we’d bring in $100 mil in cash and, probably more importantly, book a gain of something like $125 mil… Save the year.”

In addition to private correspondence, the release of other internal documents and emails in the Sony hack have divulged personal employee information, including salaries, film budgets and internal studio plans.

The Wire was first to report.