The podcast “Serial” is returning for a second season, and it has its fans to thank.

The staff posted a message on its official website announcing news on Wednesday and thanking fans for donating the funds to make it possible.

“Last week, we asked people who’ve been listening to Serial to chip in if they wanted a second season,” reads the website. “This American Life funded the bulk of Season One, but for Serial to continue, it needs to pay for itself. Today, we have good news: between the money you donated and sponsorship, we’ll be able to make a second season. We don’t know yet what the story will be or exactly when we’ll be airing Season Two, but we’ll be working on it as soon as this season ends.”

Producers made a call to action for fans of the popular podcast last week, asking for donations to keep the true-crime series alive.

The podcast’s first season focused on the 1999 death of Hae Min Lee and her ex-boyfriend Adnan Musud Syed’s conviction for her murder. Syed, however, maintains that he’s innocent. It’s exec produced by Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder and hosted by Sarah Koenig. Since debuting in October, the show has racked up more than 5 million streams and downloads on iTunes.

“Serial” is still accepting donations here.