‘Orange is the New Black’ Trending Stronger Than ‘House of Cards’

Pre-season 2 comparison sees prison dramedy getting more digital buzz than political drama

orange is the New Black vs House of Cards Social Media

When the success of Netflix in original programming is cited, two of its series come to mind: “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black.”

But in the absence of any stats measuring how many viewers are watching these shows, there’s some other numbers to consider regarding which series is Netflix’s main attraction.

Research firm ListenFirst examined how “Orange” is trending across Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia in advance of its second-season premiere Friday and found the numbers well ahead of where “Cards” was in the same four-week time period prior to its own second season launch in February (data collected below as of June 3rd).

The combination of Facebook fans and Twitter followers for “Orange,” currently 1.4 million strong, is more than twice the amount “Cards” attracted at the same juncture prior to its premiere. As of three days prior to the premiere, the number of hashtags for the show (124.0K) is over 3.5 times higher than that of “Cards” (33.3K). “Orange” is also faring much better on Facebook across both the number of likes and the “people talking about” (PTA) metric.

The only metric where “Cards” is holding its own is Wikipedia, where traffic  is a good proxy for how much search volume there is for a particular series. “Cards” is outpacing “Orange” on Wikipedia, 609,000 to 408,000, across the four-week search period.

All this doesn’t necessarily mean “Orange” gets more–or would continue to get more–viewers than “Cards,” though Netflix execs have hinted in the past that “Orange” was outpacing “Cards” in their respective first-season audiences. The stronger digital following of “Orange” could also reflect a bigger marketing expenditure for “Orange” than “Cards,” though Netflix doesn’t disclose how much it spends to promote specific series.