YouTube comedy duo Benny and Rafi Fine, a.k.a. The Fine Bros., have teamed with actor-comedian-rapper Nick Cannon on a TV adaptation of their “React” series for Viacom’s Nickelodeon.

But at this point, Nick has only produced a pilot of the proposed series — to be called “ReactToThat” — with the YouTubers and Cannon, through his Ncredible Entertainment production company.

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“This is not a greenlit series and it has not been decided whether or not any episodes will be picked up,” Nick spokeswoman Ariana Urbont said in an emailed statement.

Nickelodeon has previously procured programming based on YouTube material, including a half-hour sketch-comedy show last year from DreamWorks Animation’s AwesomenessTV and multiple projects with Lucas Cruikshank (creator of the Fred Figglehorn character). Word of the Fine Bros.’s work with Nickelodeon was reported earlier by VideoInk.

The TV pilot of “ReactToThat” (denoted as a single word) is based on the Fine Bros.’s YouTube franchise, which comprises footage of people from various walks of life reacting to viral YouTube videos. According to sources, Nick is considering ordering 13 episodes of the series.

The show’s exec producers are Nick Cannon, Michael Goldman, Benny and Rafi Fine, and Max Benator, who is the Fine Bros.’s manager. The Fine Bros. are repped by WME. In late 2013, they struck a deal with YouTube multichannel network Fullscreen, which is funding production of new content from the duo.