A new trade association devoted to the digital-media business has formed with an advisory board stocked with familiar names and an intent to launch an industry conference.

Screens Entertainment Association pledges to be “focused on all aspects of screened entertainment that can be viewed on any screen and digital device,” according to its website. In its corner, SEA boasts a charter board including former William Morris Agency CEO Jim Wiatt, former Fox Broadcasting chairwoman Lucie Salhany, Entertainment Media Ventures president Sandy Climan, director James Widdoes and Gerry Byrne, vice chairman of Penske Media Corporation (owner of Variety).

SEA is soliciting members in advance of launching an industry conference next year dubbed Vidify; location and time still being determined, though it will likely be in southern California. The event will look to bring together SEA’s various relevant constituencies, which range from video content creators to top execs and investors in media companies big and small.