The Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences announced its Shorty Award finalists Wednesday morning for its sixth-annual social media-themed awards, with big names such as Lena Dunham, Albert Brooks and Sir Ian McKellen making the cut.

The awards recognize the best of social media in categories ranging from entertainment to technology and innovation, all complete with a hashtag, of course. Getting in the spirit of the awards, McKellen even retweeted his award’s announcement:

The nominating board, which is comprised of journalists, announces three finalists per each of the 44 categories. Another four for each category are determined by popular vote — i.e. via tweets. Although the nominating board has made its announcements, popular voting continues until Feb. 18.

Two people have been nominated for multiple categories: Questlove for both #singer & #music and Aaron Paul for #actor & #celebrity. But new to the show this year are the categories best Instagram video of the year and #Vineographer.

The Shorty Awards take place on April 7 at the TimesCenter in New York.

Here is the full list of nominees:



Aaron Paul
Joshua Malina
Orlando Jones


Felicia Day
Lena Dunham
Retta Sirleaf


Aaron Paul
Sir Ian McKellen
LeVar Burton


Albert Brooks
Julie Klausner
Patton Oswalt


Edgar Wright
Paul Feig
Rian Johnson


Fake AP Stylebook
Kim Kierkegaardashian
Modern Seinfeld


News For TV Majors
Supernatural Wiki


Amanda Palmer
Questlove Jenkins
Yoko Ono


Cancellation Bear
Cute Emergency
Self Aware ROOMBA


Ben Folds
Josh Groban
Questlove Jenkins


Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Orphan Black



Billie Jean King
Brandon McCarthy
Tom Daley


David Lebovitz
Food 52
J. Kenji López-Alt

Newsworthy Photo of the Year

Roberto Luigi
Fabio M. Ragona
Tyler Wakstein


Gretchen Reynolds
Leslie Barker
Tyler Graham


Los Angeles Dodgers
New York Mets
San Diego Chargers


The Iron Sheik



Around the Way App
Magic Recs


Emily Willingham
Maryn McKenna
Terrance Gaines


Chelsea Stark
The Escapist


Becky Stern
Adafruit Industries


This American Life
Night Vale


Black Girls Code
I F*cking Love Science
Neil deGrasse Tyson


The Brooklyn Circus
The Hay Merchant
She’s the First

Tumblr of the Year

Smart Girls at the Party
Quantified Breakup
The Worst Room


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
Derek Muller
Henry Reich



Molly Crabapple
Rachel Ryle


Anne Lamott
Margaret Atwood
Neil Gaiman


Bill Cunningham
Claire Sulmers
Leandra Medine


Ann Friedman
Tim Burke
Trent Nelson

GIF of the Year

Pizza Cat by GIFAK.net
Matrix Cat by Prannisment
Boston Blizzard GIF via ThisIsUnique

Instagram Video of the Year

Burberry’s Slow-Motion Fashion Walk
Starbucks Drake Hands


J. Paul Getty Museum
Museum Nerd
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA)


David Guttenfelder
Liz Eswein
Pete Souza


Chris Pirillo
Jullien Gordon
Ryan Higa


Cody Johns
Cupcake Dude


Harley Morenstein
Jenna Marbles
Kid Fury



Brady Campaign
The Elders
Smart Gun Laws


Charity Water
The Nature Conservancy
Oxfam International


ESL Library
Ron Clark


Cory Booker
David Cameron
NASA Goddard


350 Dot Org
Green For You
Sustainable Cities



Midia Ninja
Porta dos Fundos
Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite


Caitlin Moran
Empire of the Kop
Liverpool FC