Move over, Elsa.

Apple’s iPad is the No. 1 brand among children 6-12, beating out Disney, Nickelodeon, YouTube, Netflix, Toys ‘R’ Us, McDonald’s, and multiple snack-food brands, according to a new survey.

Kids see the iPad as the all-in-one digital tool, according to the three-month survey by Tennessee-based consulting firm Smarty Parts. The 2014 survey results represent the culmination of the “tablet takeover,” according to Smarty Pants president Wynne Tyree.

“Kids increasingly turn to iPad for games, TV shows, videos, books, homework help and communicating with friends and family,” she said.

In that vein, digital entertainment as a category has seen a surge among kids and families, with brands such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Android and Samsung Electronics posting notable increases in kids’ awareness, popularity and love for a brand. The firm noted that, along with iPad, those devices and services provide entertainment that is “always on.”

Over all, on the study iPad was tops with a weighted score of 898 out of 1000. The Apple tablet was followed by Hershey’s (894), Oreo (885), M&M’s (883), Doritos (868), Cheetos (864), with Skittles and Disney tied at 858.

Google’s YouTube came in at 852, followed by Microsoft Xbox (850); Lay’s (847); Kit Kat and Nickelodeon (846); Crayola (842); McDonald’s (839); Nintendo Wii (838); and Reese’s, Chips Ahoy! and iPod tying at 836. Netflix came in at 833, followed by iPhone (830), Toys ‘R’ Us (830) and Apple (829).

The online study surveyed 6,661 children and their parents, in a representative sample of U.S. households with children aged 6-12. For the 2014 study, Smarty Pants evaluated a total of 256 consumer brands across more than 20 categories.