‘Jeopardy’ Producer Sony Pictures TV Launches First Mobile Game

Company looks to launch new mobile franchises to court casual gamers and a younger demo

Suits and Swords

After producing game shows like “Jeopardy and “Wheel of Fortune,” Sony Pictures Television has launched its first mobile game, “Suits and Swords,” which it hopes to turn into a franchise on digital platforms like smartphones and tablets.

Designed to mix elements of blackjack with role-playing games, “Suits and Swords” revolves around Captain Black Jack and his journey to free four card realms -– the Heart Union, Diamond Empire, Club Kingdom, and Spade Nation –- from a curse placed by the evil Joker.

Game includes 100 battles, the ability for players to unlock and equip weapons, armor and magic and side quests for added challenges.

“Suits and Swords” is available today for free on Apple and Android devices and Amazon’s Kindle tablets.

By launching a free-to-play game — the same model embraced by hits like “Candy Crush” and “Angry Birds” — SPT will be able to instantly attract players, and earn revenue through the sale of additional levels and add-ons. Should the game succeed, company is looking to launch new titles it can turn into revenue-generating franchises and expand further into the mobile arena that has embraced by casual gamers and a younger demographic.

SPT already produces digital content, including web series for Sony’s online entertainment channel Crackle.

“Sony Pictures Television has built a successful track record of leveraging familiar franchises like ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and ‘Jeopardy’ to create a variety of popular and engaging mobile games,” said Philip Lynch, SVP Digital Networks, SPT. “As we look to expand our portfolio with free-to-consumer titles, we’re creating new game IP like ‘Suits and Swords’ to grow our audience base and reach a key marketable demographic.”