Hulu is boosting its programming lineup en Español, launching seven series from Spanish-language broadcaster MundoFox, including episodes from the current season of “El Mariachi.”

Hulu is MundoFox’s first on-demand partner. MundoFox, available in 75% of U.S. Hispanic homes through affiliates, is a joint venture between 21st Century Fox’s Fox International Channels and Colombian broadcaster RCN Televisión. Hulu is a joint venture of 21st Century Fox, Disney and NBCUniversal.

Current-season of episodes of “El Mariachi” and 13 episodes of “Dos Lunas” are available free, while for the five other MundoFox only one episode is available for free. To access all episodes, users must sign up for Hulu Plus ($7.99 per month).

MundoFox titles now streaming on Hulu and Hulu Plus are:

  • El Mariachi: Based on the Robert Rodriguez film of the same name, “El Mariachi” follows Martin, a young mariachi musician who is mistaken as a hired assassin and is inadvertently thrown into a war with drug cartels.
  • Cumbia Ninja: In a slum called “La Colina,” young idealist Hache (Ricardo Abarca) and his friends confront the drug dealers who control the neighborhood.
  • Kdabra: Supernatural series about a 17-year-old who has escaped from a dark community and triggers a series of unexpected events (seasons 1-3 on Hulu and Hulu Plus).
  • Tiempo Final: A different group of characters each week faces a deadend — or an inevitable fate — that will change their lives forever (seasons 1-2 on Hulu and Hulu Plus).
  • Mentes en Shock: The story of León Robles, a Spanish psychiatrist in a new town and a new job, searching for his twin sister.
  • Historias de Corrido: Collection of dramatic series based on the classic Mexican musical known as “Corrido.”
  • Dos Lunas: The story of a psychologist, Soledad (Barbara Mori), trying to cope with her split-personality disorder sparked by a tormented past. By night, she becomes Luna, a mysterious and sensual DJ in Mexico City’s nightlife.