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Lee Ginsberg, 40 (pictured left)
Partner at Ginsberg-Libby
Ginsberg moved to L.A. from New York in 1999, knowing he wanted to work in Hollywood, but not necessarily sure how or where. His first job, through a temp agency, was as an assistant to personal publicist Brad Cafarelli, and he’s worked his way up in the PR industry since, including firms such as MRC, Block-Korenbrot and PMK/HBH. In 2009, Ginsberg left PMK/HBH to form Ginsberg-Libby with BWR VP Chris Libby. He credits his success to a dedication to simple values. “I think the key to success is just to be hardworking and honest,” he says.”

George Nicholis, 33 (pictured right)
Senior account executive, PMK-BNC
After a stint at “Entertainment Tonight,” Nicholis went to Picturehouse, which suited his passion for independent film. The only job the studio was offering was in publicity, and Nicholis has been in PR ever since landing in 2010 at PMK-BNC, where he works on PR and awards campaigns for indie films. “The fun for me is going to Sundance or SXSW with filmmakers,” Nicholis says. “It’s really cool on the ground level to work with these visionaries.”

Adam Amengual for Variety

Brett Bouttier, 38 (pictured left)
COO, AwesomenessTV
Bouttier has been an integral part of AwesomenessTV — scooped up last year by DreamWorks Animation in a $33 million acquisition — since shortly after its launch in June 2012. He’s been part of every deal and milestone, extending the company’s reach far beyond its origins on YouTube, including a TV deal with Nickelodeon. “AwesomenessTV is one big expansion project, and I’ve learned that all momentum is connected,” he says. “The studio feeds the network and the other way around — that includes all the other businesses we’ve launched like the music label and consumer products. Breaking the mold is inevitable because you have no choice but to try and you can’t fear the possibility of failure.”

Josh Spector, 39 (pictured right)
Managing director of digital media and marketing, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
As the leader of digital marketing for the Academy, Spector is adamant content should be created for the audience, not self-promotion. “We try to inspire, educate and entertain,” he says. With an abundance of material at AMPAS, it can be challenging to develop content on a daily basis, he adds. Nonetheless, his years as a journalist and marketing consultant have prepared him for this latest adventure.

Nick Grudin, 36 (not pictured)
Director of partnerships, Facebook
Grudin oversees a global team, covering news, sports, international, and causes — and is in charge of entertainment and influencer partnerships for Facebook and Instagram. With a degree from Pomona College and stints as VP of business development at Newsweek and as a consultant at the Boston Consulting group, he focuses on creating social experiences in conjunction with studios and networks – and on driving user engagement with brands. Grudin oversaw Facebook’s partnership with the Emmys and Stand Up to Cancer, in which Facebook was the primary social partner for the Emmycast.

Adam Amengual for Variety

Gabriel Cohen, 36 (pictured right)
Talent manager, Management 360
Cohen’s background in drama makes talent management a natural fit, and he quickly learned while working in casting that his passion is to collaborate with individual artists. “What I wake up excited about every single day,” he says, “is the pursuit to pull something artistic out of my clients and to show that to someone else to make them feel something.” Cohen is also beginning to get into producing projects with and for his clients.

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John Fitzpatrick, 33 (pictured left)
Manager, Collective Digital Studio
Fitzpatrick put his foot in Hollywood’s door in Fox Cable Networks’ standards and practices department, then moved to William Morris before spending time with Kapital Entertainment and Oasis Media after the agency’s merger with Endeavor. In 2012 Fitzpatrick joined Collective Digital Studio, where he manages content creators in digital arenas including Vine, SnapChat and YouTube. “We’re very platform-agnostic,” Fitzpatrick says. “We just get to go make stuff. That excites me.”