TOKYO — Fuji TV will become the first Japanese network to offer its shows on the Internet simultaneously with its regular broadcast 24 hours a day.
On March 14 Fuji will launch Fuji TV NEXT Smart, a service that streams programs from the Fuji TV NEXT Live Premium communications satellite (CS) channel, including F1 auto races, European soccer matches and music concerts. Subscribers will pay JPY1,200 ($12) a month for the service. The service will also carry sponsored ads tailored to the interests of individual viewers.
Given that all Japanese broadcasters are now wrestling with the problem of how to offer – and monetize — their content online, Fuji’s response will be watched carefully.
The service will be accessible on PCs, tablets and smartphones, which is how a growing number of Japanese are consuming television.  

The service will begin with an introductory free-of-charge week of live F1 Grand Prix action, along with repeat broadcasts for the benefit of latecomers.