Software developer The Foundry introduced a new product Monday evening: Nuke Studio

Nuke Studio offers multiple phases of post within a single application, including editorial, timeline, conform, color correction, visual effects, versioning, 4K playback and finishing. The new software is aimed at short-form content creators, such as those working on commercials and episodic.

The announcement was made a The Foundry’s booth at the NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Nuke Studio runs alongside Nuke, The Foundry‘s popular compositing program, so Nuke compositing can be used with anything in the Nuke Studio timeline. Nuke Studio combines features from Nuke and Hiero, The Foundry’s shot management, edit and review software.

“Nuke started as a tool for people doing film visual effects, but it has been adopted by people doing TV episodic and short-form commercials work,” said The Foundry’s chief scientist, Simon Robinson. “Nuke Studio lets an individual do everything at a desktop, but collaborate with a larger team.”

The Foundry has become a key software developer for visual effects and digital production. It has taken over development and commercial distribution of several software packages that began as proprietary software fpr individual vfx houses. Nuke itself was originally developed by Digital Domain. Katana lighting and look development software began at Sony Pictures Imageworks and is now a Foundry product.

Robinson said that while Nuke Studio is aimed at short-form filmmakers, the industry might well find ways to apply it to long-form. “People use our tools quite wildly,” he said.