E3: Sony One Ups Microsoft with ‘Destiny’

In a surprising case of one-upmanship, Activision Blizzard will launch its sci-fi tentpole “Destiny” on Sony’s PlayStation 4 before it becomes available on Microsoft’s Xbox One.

The release, announced during Sony PlayStation’s press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on Monday evening, stands out considering “Destiny’s” creator, Bungie Studios, was behind Xbox’s biggest franchise, “Halo.” Game is the first that’s part of a 10-year deal between Bungie and Activision.

Sony said an alpha version of “Destiny” will become available to PS4 owners June 12, followed by a beta version July 17.

“’Destiny’ isn’t just first on PS4, it’s better,” said Andrew House, president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment as the game kicked off the company’s E3 event.

Activision also released a new trailer for the game on Monday (watch above).

“Destiny” is set to be released on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on Sept. 9.

The game also will be bundled with the first white PlayStation 4 and white controller, this fall.

Not surprisingly, the rest of Sony’s press event, held inside the Los Angeles Sports Arena, was heavy on touting exclusive titles set to debut on the PS4 in the coming year.

The next-generation gaming console has sold more than 7 million units since it was released last year.

New exclusives for the PS4 include “The Order: 1886,” “Entwined,” “Bloodborne,” “No Man’s Sky,” Giant Squid’s “Abzu,” and sequels like “Little Big Planet 3.” Company also promoted Ubisoft’s upcoming “Far Cry 4” (watch the “Bloodborne” and “Far Cry 4” trailers below).

“Videogames, right?” said Adam Boyes, VP of publisher and developer relations at PlayStation while introducing some of the new titles.

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  1. I want to be the one to lean on you’ Hello it me Samuel, I like the make up of your official page keep it up… I have had a lot of stories about technology but with you guy’s there is no lie… I just don’t want us to be apart.. from now till tomorrow, saying I will never never let you guy’s down, you all brought me peace of mind. just lighting my SHADOW. Posted By: Samuel Emelike Nigeria.

  2. Hello it me Samuel, I like the make up of your official page keep it up… I have had a lot of stories about technology but with you guy’s there is no lie… I just don’t want us to be apart.. from now till tomorrow, saying I will never never let you guy’s down, you all brought me peace of mind. just lighting my SHADOW. Posted By: Samuel Emelike Nigeria.

  3. ew332 says:

    sony had nothing this year. nintendo and microsoft blew them the of the water. and this is coming for a sony fanboy.

    • It is pretty widely agreed that Sony took the win this year. Did I miss something? Both look to have a very impressive year for different reasons. Honestly why choose when you can have both? Nintendo though…………………… that’s a good one! J/k they are looking good too. I honestly hope they pull through as I would be devastated if they decided to pull out of the console industry. One of my biggest fears regarding Nintendo is they will realize the inevitable truth that their handheld success is the only thing keeping them afloat. It IS true BUT things just wouldn’t be the same without them having a home console.

      • ei8htbit says:

        Indulge us resident Sony DJ David, how “widely agreed” is it that actual gamers are to assume “Sony won” E3?

        Just like last year, what will we be playing on our PS4s come November that won’t already be on Xbox One? Anything Sony announced that looks intriguing won’t be anywhere near shelves until next year. So yet again our PS4s that look a lot cooler than our XB1s will just be sitting there looking cool while actual new games are coming out for XB1.

        Having Sony tout beta access to a game as being able to play it first is more embarrassing than either company desperately clinging to timed exclusive DLC packs as if they even matter in any meaningful way to actual gamers.

        Every opinion you mention on this thread seems to imply you only know what talking heads on the internet were telling you 6 months ago. I mean, do you honestly think Nintendo is getting out of the console game any sooner than Microsoft or Sony are? This past month alone they nearly edged out PS4 hardware sales since the release of Mario Kart 8 which is a testament to how their first party software sells their own consoles. This year at E3 Nintendo offered up what is more realistically “widely agreed” to be the most compelling lineup of new IP and most anticipated original first party content including the forthcoming sequel to the Legend of Zelda, so what do you think that will do for their sales in the coming year?

        As much as you seem to dismiss it, in a very tangible way Nintendo has a valid argument for being the strongest showing at E3 this year and they didn’t even hold a live event press conference! Their exclusive content on Twitch was the top trending and most-watched stream for the entire duration of E3 (higher than Twitch themselves which covered the entire event and all companies combined) and if you’re keeping score that’s a metric for actual “widely agreed” viewers taken from a sample from the entire internets machine.

        Look, you bought a PS4, you love Sony, that’s cool. Just stop trying to convince yourself they are infallible. Take off your blue-tinted glasses and stop spamming threads with your reptitive routine – if you’re going to showcase your opinion, try to have a basis for one.

  4. Vince says:

    Just FYI the game isn’t from Activision or Blizzard it is from Bungie

  5. adamBomb says:

    I am confused. It seems they are all getting the game the same day, sept 9th.

  6. dam6655 says:

    Just can wait to play it in a few days. It will play the best on ps4

  7. Frank says:

    Destiny comes out for Xbox One & PS4 Sept 9th, so they’re not really getting the game first. They’re getting an alpha, and they’re getting the beta, at most, 2 weeks before Xbox. They talk about how robust their network is, and how Destiny will be better on PS4 on the same day their network went down because too many people tried to download a game. PSN is shit, and doesn’t have the infrastructure to support a popular online game. The game “might” look marginally better on PS4, but it will absolutely play boatloads better on Xbox One.

    • ed says:

      PSN is at parity with Xbox Live although you may hate to admit it. MS has had the same issues with their network crashing because of gamers flocking to it such as the day one X1 patch.

      • ei8htbit says:

        ummmm what? You do realize that simply saying something doesn’t make it true right? Do you know what “parity” means? If you did you would realize that you have no basis for using the word in your statement.

        Xbox Live is predicated on over 300,000 dedicated servers worldwide. PSN has nowehere near that amount and multiplayer gaming on PSN still relies most heavily on P2P connections. Technically speaking that is day and night in terms of performance and nowhere near the same in terms of performance capability for PSN. But that’s just technical benchmark, what about end-user experience? Well, let’s see..

        PSN was down for OVER A MONTH with a massive security breach exposing over 70 Million unique users personal data. Xbox live has never been down for more than a few days IN OVER 7 YEARS. At launch PSN was COMPLETELY DOWN for nearly a week, Xbox Live was never down at launch for XB1, it had slow downloads for the day 1 patch just like PS4 but it wasn’t completely nonoperational like PSN was.

        At parity? nope.

    • “their network went down because too many people tried to download a game.” Yes these are issues that arise when a console has tons of users. Obviously not something Microsoft has to worry about. As far as online issues I have yet to encounter them. Admittedly I don’t spend half my life on either my XBone or my PS4 but I can say the Xbone has been doing it’s fair share of sitting. Both great in my eyes but the PS4 is absolutely the superior system. Plus Sony killed it at E3 this year.

      • ps pus is trash,today ms and bungie came out and said that since ms got 10 percent more GPU power from getting the kinect out of the xbox now bungie came out and they said that destiny will be running at a ful 1080p at 30fps.on xbox one.Yes that’s right on xbox one.So not onyl will destiny be better on xbox live it will look just as good as ps4 but better really because xbox live run’s so much smoothly.

      • Woodenbullet says:

        ““their network went down because too many people tried to download a game.” Yes these are issues that arise when a console has tons of users. Obviously not something Microsoft has to worry about.”

        I see what you tryed to do there, let me fix what the guy above you ment, Sony has yet to make an online system that is superior to PC or Microsoft because they have been cheap and trying to cut corners for the last 7 years with there PS network witch is why it goes down and got hacked into, allowing someone to take millions of peoples un-encrypted card information. The fact that anyone stayed with Sony after this tells me they don’t care if they loose everything to be a “fanboy” of sony.

  8. Derpy says:

    This is not a one up, this is a timed exclusive. This is what Microsoft did all of last gen, buy up exclusivity for a few months to a year.

    • I didn’t lose anything BUT let me tell you what I gained from that little experience (as Sony went freebie crazy after that happened) three months free of PS plus and over 100 FREE games. NOT B rate games but games like Infamous, The new Tomb Raider (yeah the one that is $59.99 for PS4 & XBone) , Final Fantasy, Uncharted, Borderlands 2, I could literally go on forever. Listen I have both (well 3 out of 4 only because by 360’s all fried). I like Xbox. I just like PS better. I am an adult who and from where I stand the value is obvious.

      BTW I have also been using Playstation Now on my PS3 (as it is being released on my PS4 in July) and value? Uhh yeah I have a CRAP load of more games just waiting to be played for FREE (as it is still in beta) as well.

      Lastly again i am an adult so I have other responsibilities (not knockin you as I know nothing of you, just stating facts on my end) and the fact that I can play the VAST majority of games on my PS Vita at any time I want (as in the same games I have on my PS4) by streaming it straight from my PS4 is GOLDEN. Not sure if you’ve tried it but I am talking ZERO lag and the full game with amazing graphics. I can play COD online multiplayer or FF14 online as if I was in front of my TV.

      For me these values simply can not be touched. Let’s also not pretend that there have been any substantial issues other than this one instance that we are discussing here. Other than that it’s been years of excellent service and more freebies than I have space for even with my 1TB hdd.

    • adamBomb says:

      This is not a time exclusive. The game releases sept 9th to all consoles.

    • They are STILL doing it. They retained the COD early release rights.

  9. Dale says:

    Not excited for a game that is going to cost money to buy the new maps and money to keep you up with other players skills. Its a Halo MMORPG is all

    • I can understand a little with value and what not but when you have a job these “issues” are relatively miniscule. I’d rather have a game I don’t have to devote 3-4 hours out of my day every day of my life in order to “master” as with the job thing also comes a more important issue……………. time. Destiny appears to be right on par with what I need.

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