Jane Seymour and other cast members from “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” reunited recently for a Funny or Die spoof that crossbreeds the heartwarming CBS drama with the edgier themes of “Breaking Bad.”

Seymour, Joe Lando, Orson Bean, Jonelle Allen, Frank Collison and other “Dr. Quinn” thesps demonstrate a good sense of humor about the show in the spoof, which re-imagines Seymour’s country-doctor character as a deranged dealer out to get the townsfolk hooked on morphine. The three-minute vid was written by Lindsay Kerns.

“I’m the one who knocks,” Seymour tells Lando during one of their trademark love scenes. “No, you’re the one who docs,” he replies.

“Dr. Quinn” ran on CBS from 1993-1998.

Here’s the video: