Disney is releasing next week a new app that will allow children to become visual storytellers.

Disney Publishing Worldwide executive VP Andrew Sugerman unveiled “Star Wars Scene Maker” at Variety’s Purpose: The Family Entertainment and Faith-Based Summit at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills on Thursday.

“The output of this is you’re actually going to create a minute-long film,” said Sugerman.

Available June 19, the app gives children the ability to reimagine three iconic scenes from the “Star Wars” franchise, including the Cloud City duel, and what those worlds can be using their own imagination.

“It’s addictive in that what you can do is limitless,”  said Sugerman in an interview with Variety editor-in-chief Andrew Wallenstein.

Kids — and adult fans — can position multiple virtual cameras to capture vehicles, ships, characters, props and weapons that can be manipulated in a 360-degree field. Even dialogue can be voiced.

Consumers will also be able to share their stories through Facebook and YouTube.

Last month Disney released Lucasfilm app “Star Wars Journeys,” which creates a storytelling format for ages 6-8. “We can bring the saga to a new generation of ‘Star Wars’ fans,” said Sugerman.

For more on Scene Maker and other projects at Disney Publishing Worldwide, watch the video above of Sugerman’s presentation Thursday at the Variety Purpose Family and Faith-Based Entertainment Summit.