Provided by ListenFirst Media, DAR – TV measures what entertainment content is resonating most across Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and Wikipedia combined. For more on the methodology behind DAR – TV, scroll to the bottom of the article.

Digital Audience Ratings (DAR) – TV
Broadcast Monday Dec 22, 2014 – Sunday Dec 28, 2014

1 1 The Voice 12,591
2 2 America’s Got Talent 4,047
3 3 America’s Funniest Home Videos 2,027
4 4 The Simpsons 1,268
5 6 Dancing With The Stars 1,067
6 8 The Flash 675
7 Glee 670
8 7 The Big Bang Theory 638
9 American Idol 588
10 The Vampire Diaries 550

Cable/Streaming Monday Dec 22, 2014 – Sunday Dec 28, 2014

1 1 Key and Peele 5,070
2 2 Top Gear 4,147
3 3 Pretty Little Liars 3,976
4 6 WWE Raw 1,700
5 4 The Walking Dead 1,521
6 10 Beyond Scared Straight 1,218
7 8 Orange Is The New Black 880
8 Dance Moms 864
9 Better Call Saul 852
10 7 American Horror Story 849

Late Night Monday Dec 22, 2014 – Sunday Dec 28, 2014

1 1 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 27,793
2 3 Saturday Night Live 12,084
3 2 Jimmy Kimmel Live 8,934
4 4 Conan 5,014
5 5 The Graham Norton Show 2,252

Trending Monday Dec 22, 2014 – Sunday Dec 28, 2014

The Royals 122 +5,176%
Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street 36 +917%
Marriage Boot Camp 46 +885%



  • Heading into its sixth and final season this January, “Glee” bubbled up to the number seven spot on this week’s Broadcast leaderboard. Premiere episode promos and behind-the-scenes content is being shared across Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, while Lea Michele drummed up additional excitement with the release of her rendition of “Let It Go,” to be featured this season.
  • Two weeks after its finale, “The Voice” still leads broadcast, but “American Idol” is creeping its way up the charts as it gears up for season 14. “Idol” added four new videos to its YouTube channel this week, including “Idol Moments” with the judges and a sneak peak at this season’s top 24, driving fan excitement for the upcoming episodes.
  • “Saturday Night Live” tapped into holiday classics to bump them up to number two on this week’s Late Night leaderboard. The show’s spoof of “Love Actually” racked up 1.5MM views on YouTube, while SNL favorites drove likes, shares and comments on Facebook.


Jason Klein is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of ListenFirst Media, a data and analytics company providing insights for brands. ListenFirst aggregates data streams from a wide range of digital, social, and traditional marketing sources to help brands optimize business performance.


Note: Twitter data has been removed from Digital Audience Ratings (DAR) for Television as of 10/7/2014.

ListenFirst Digital Audience Ratings (DAR) for Television are a raw aggregate of daily engagements based on owned, earned and organic consumer behavior on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Wikipedia and YouTube. These engagements encompass metrics pertaining to audience growth, page/profile views, page-level and post-level interactions, hashtag volume and Wikipedia page views for all television program pages (which provides a proxy for organic search volume).

Organic conversation volume is calculated based on the use of official hashtags, as well as those hashtags submitted directly from programmers and distributors. Only hashtags where conversation can be isolated to a specific television program are included in the rating.

The Variety weekly leaderboards for television represent the 7-day (Monday – Sunday) sum total of DAR – TV for all episodic programming, in and out of season, from the most popular programmers (Broadcast, Cable, & Streaming Services). Sports, live events, short-form content and other non-episodic programming are excluded from this ranking cohort but available to be rated directly by ListenFirst Media.

The Broadcast and Cable/Streaming Originals leaderboards each surface the respective top ten primetime programs. The Late Night leaderboard surfaces the top five late night / variety genre programs, from across the programming universe. Streaming Originals are considered primetime cable programming.

The Trending Leaderboard surfaces the three programs that tracked the largest relative growth in DAR – TV (from the previous 7-day measurement period), and are also in the top 25% based on absolute DAR – TV, from across the programming universe.

ListenFirst monitors the official digital account owned by the program on each aforementioned platform (except for Wikipedia, where the title-specific profile is considered official). Only the U.S. version of a program’s digital presence is monitored; for platforms that support regional profiles like Facebook, the “Global” profile is considered the U.S. profile. Only profiles that can be attributed to the specific program contribute to the rating (i.e. engagements that happen on the profile facebook.com/LouieFX are tracked, while engagements that happen on facebook.com/FX are not). For YouTube, in addition to any program-specific presence, content related to the program in question that originated on the parent company’s official YouTube channel is considered.

For other questions pertaining to methodology, contact ListenFirst Media.