The bulk of this season’s fall freshman broadcast shows have premiered, and while the winners and losers according to traditional ratings are out, it’s time to dig into the rest of the social and digital landscape to see the rest of the story – what’s been happening across Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, Wikipedia, and YouTube. The ListenFirst Digital Audience Ratings (DAR)-TV provide a view into all of these platforms by surfacing what programs are driving the most fan frenzy, as measured by engagements on each platform.

First things first: Pre-premiere findings that superheroes would reign supreme this season were right on the money. “Gotham,” which FOX has already ordered an additional six episodes of (bringing the first season total to 22 episodes), is #1 overall with a DAR-TV of 11,170,570, while The CW’s “The Flash” has landed in second place at 9,479,159. “Marry Me” (NBC), “Selfie” (ABC) and “Constantine” (NBC) round out the top 5 shows based on their DAR-TV since the beginning of September.

Among the networks, NBC tops the charts in terms of overall DAR-TV across six new shows this fall, but The CW leads the broadcasting pack in terms of average DAR-TV per show, riding the engagement from two of their recent bows, “The Flash” and “Jane the Virgin.” FOX follows behind The CW thanks to strong engagement from “Gotham” and “Red Band Society.”

Where is all this digital engagement coming from for the toppers? “Gotham” is leading the pack across all new programs when looking at Facebook, Google+, and Wikipedia (a proxy for search volume). On Facebook, “Gotham’s” top two posts – one from the day of the premiere, and one from the day after – generated a combined 175K engagements. “Gotham’s” search volume on Wikipedia, which often indicates general interest in a show, has also been enormous (2,319,718), nearly doubling that of the next biggest show on Wikipedia, “The Flash” (1,227,990).

Speaking of “The Flash,” while the show did not lead any one platform in particular, it did rank in the top 3 of all shows across 4 of the 6 platforms analyzed (the only misses for the show were Tumblr and Google+), showcasing the cross-platform appeal of “The Flash” and the many ways The CW engaged their audience. One common theme in “The Flash’s” social success – high engagement on the days of first-run episodes. Across Facebook and Instagram, the posts on episode premiere dates drove the most fan interactions, such as this video posted on Facebook the day of the series’ premiere or this Instagram post, the most engaging Instagram post to date, which also ran the day of a new episode premiere. So, while we expect time-shifted viewing from this audience, we see there is meaningful same-day engagement, as well.

On the other hand, NBC’s “Marry Me,” had YouTube to thank for driving up its DAR-TV and landing at third overall. To promote the show, the team set up a dream proposal for couple Jovan and Brett and put it on YouTube. The clip has racked up over 4.4M views since being posted on October 10th.

Another cross-platform success, “How to Get Away With Murder” found itself in the top 5 overall in 4 of the 6 platforms analyzed (not making the cut only on YouTube and Google+). Furthermore, “Murder” took gold with their Tumblr, an elaborately-themed page that is wowing fans with an ongoing rotation of character GIFs.

Instagram also revealed an interesting surprise. FOX’s “Red Band Society” found the love on this social platform, a haven for younger viewers. The “Red Band Society” Instagram’s teen-friendly tone and questions to fans are working: the account has over double as many engagements as “Gotham,” the second place contender.

And while there’s only one official cancellation announcement so far this season, Manhattan Love Story, the DAR-TV numbers told the same story. Of the 24 shows that premiered across all the broadcast nets, the ABC relationship comedy sat squarely in the basement, drumming up a DAR-TV of 294,681.

Below you can find the full Top 10 programs and the network by network breakout.

Digital Audience Ratings (DAR) – TV
Freshman Broadcast Sept 1, 2014 – Oct 26, 2014

1 Gotham FOX 11,170,570
2 The Flash The CW 9,479,159
3 Marry Me NBC 7,392,641
4 Selfie ABC 4,858,222
5 Constantine NBC 4,186,459
6 Red Band Society FOX 4,037,530
7 How to Get Away With Murder ABC 2,932,586
8 The Mysteries of Laura NBC 2,910,314
9 Jane the Virgin The CW 2,268,624
10 Cristela ABC 2,243,362

Network Leaderboard Sept 1, 2014 – Oct 26, 2014

The CW 11,747,783 2 5,873,892
FOX 17,764,269 5 3,552,854
NBC 18,786,257 6 3,131,043
ABC 13,204,256 6 2,200,709
CBS 2,323,578 5 464,716