Sony promoted “the essence” of the company during its preys event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Monday, introducing smaller versions of its smartphones, digital cameras and camcorders, while pushing its support for 4K.

“Play” is the word it’s selling this year, according to Mike Fasulo, president and chief operating officer of Sony Electronics, after Sony chief Kazuo Hirai introduced eight words that are meant to position the brand among consumers in 2009.

The others are listen, learn, watch, discover, communicate, create and share. One word is chosen each year to represent the company’s products.

This year, Sony hyped a smaller 4K Handyman camera that fits in the palm of the hand, a line of Ultra HD flatscreens (the largest being 85 inches) that feature a wedge-like design and new version of its Xperia Z1 smartphone that shaves off real estate, as well.

There was little mention of product coming out of Sony’s studio other than movies and TV shows that can be streamed in 4K through a media player that was introduced at last year’s CES. Upcoming films “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and “Robocop” were highlighted during a sizzle reel before the press

Sony followed its rival Samsung by also saying it would offer up 4K streaming of video from Netflix and YouTube through its smart TVs and other devices, with Netflix chief Reed Hastings taking the stage to tout the speed of Sony’s Bravia TVs when it comes to loading the service.

“Sony’s Bravia TV is the fastest TV to start up Netflix,” he gushed.

Then Sony introduced what it believes will help make the company stand out with consumers in the near future: The Core, “the tiniest gadget Sony has ever made,” it said.

The small device can be worn with a “SmartBand,” not unlike the MyMagic+ band Disney is providing guests of Walt Disney World. Few details were given for the device other than that it can monitor every move in an individual’s day and provide game-like points for activities performed.

Company also showed off some oddities like a head-mounted display that replicated a 750-inch screen when worn to watch movies or play games. “It’s a theater on your head,” Fasulo said.

Sony also introduced a camera mount for dogs that can record images from their point of view.