List-driven social news site BuzzFeed announced deals with NBCUniversal’s Bravo and AMC Networks’ IFC, under which the cablers are promoting BuzzFeed content on-air and online (and vice versa).

The networks are the first two partners for BuzzFeed’s Social Tune In Program, which will let advertisers “leverage their content on BuzzFeed on their own platforms,” according to New York-based BuzzFeed.

IFC and BuzzFeed collaborated to create a recurring on-air Saturday night “BuzzFeed Block,” a themed double-feature movie lineup accompanied by a list created for IFC by BuzzFeed and available at www.ifc.com/buzzfeed-block and http://www.buzzfeed.com/ifc.

Bravo, meanwhile, used BuzzFeed content to promote “Online Dating Rituals For The American Male” and teamed up with the site to promote the “Real Housewives Awards” as a part of the Social Tune In Program.

“Everyone talks about the two-screen experience being synchronous but it is also asynchronous,” BuzzFeed president and COO Jon Steinberg said. “People learn about the shows they want to watch online, and after watching those shows, they go back to the web to read and share about those shows.”

According to IFC, the “BuzzFeed Block” helped the network increase Saturday night viewership by 16% in the key 18-49 and 18-34 demos in first quarter 2014. A recent “BuzzFeed Block,” for example, featured movies “Up in Smoke” and “Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie” accompanied by the BuzzFeed list “13 Signs Your Reflexes Have Been Significantly Dulled.” IFC is an ongoing advertiser on BuzzFeed to promote its original comedies, including “Portlandia,” “Maron” and “The Spoils of Babylon.”

“The ‘BuzzFeed Block’ is more than just a clever way to package our movies. The combined support of BuzzFeed and IFC has helped us drive viewership ,” said Blake Callaway, IFC’s EVP of marketing and digital media.

Members of BuzzFeed’s Social Tune In Program will also get early access to new ad products for TV advertisers, the company said. In April, BuzzFeed will launch a new TV Tune In ad product in partnership with GoWatchIt, a queue and notification platform for video content. That will provide tune-in information for TV shows and will let users set notifications for the next airing of their favorite shows.

BuzzFeed last year struck a pact with CNN, under which the social site provided news and entertainment video YouTube content for the news cabler. But it’s not clear how active that partnership is at this point: The most recent video uploaded to the CNN/BuzzFeed YouTube channel is two months old.