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Arrested Development’s” nonlinear season four timeline is about to get more sequential.

Show creator Mitchell Hurwitz said in an interview with Pretentious Film Majors that he will be re-editing the last season of the show, which debuted on Netflix in 2013, in chronological order.

“Right now I’m cutting a version of season four that tells it chronologically,” the executive producer said in the video interview.

He didn’t mention whether this version will be streamed on Netflix or just available on the show’s DVD/Blu-ray.

Each of the 15 episodes of season four were told out of order, from a particular character’s point of view. Because the bits and pieces of the plot were fully realized only in the end, this new version will bring an entirely new perspective to the show.

Hurwitz also talked about the future of the series, which is still in Limbo. Regardless of its development status, the exec producer said he has plenty of new material to work with.

“There’s talk about a fifth season, but it’s not my decision,” he said. “20th Century Fox owns the rights to this thing. But there’s more of a story that has to be told somehow. We’ve got the whole story broken down. Season four was always meant to be act one of a three-act structure, where everything goes sour at the end of it. So that will be hopefully coming.”